Case Study:

Creating a Process Map

  • Step #1

First Draft

This first draft was created by All Children Thrive staff during a workshop. It is helpful to use post-its so that you can move around the elements and create tracks of activity.

  • Step #2

Second Draft

Tomi at Leapfrog took the first draft and redrew it.

  • Step #3

Middle Drafts

After a series of meetings to further clarify the process, Kayla and Tomi redrew the map again several times. Process mapping is a perfect way to get agreement among the group.

  • Step #4

Almost Final

Cyn redrew the almost-final version without color to make sure all the elements were there and in the right place.

  • Step #6

Final Version

This is the final version shared with California cities. The process map is a companion map to All Children Thrive’s big picture map, showing the details of the process across a timeline.